Open a Dutch company in the Netherlands

As soon as you move to the Netherlands, you will observe that it is quite difficult to find a job without speaking the language. At first, you need to adapt to the new lifestyle. Although dinner is set to take place between 17.30 and 18.45, Dutch people function under a lot of pressure and stress during their working hours. This might be quite different in your own culture, especially if you come from Spain, Portugal, Italy or France. Learning the Dutch language is generally seen as difficult, but if you have a Dutch spouse who is willing to address you solely in Dutch, you might pick-up the language faster than you expected. However, many internationals have problems learning the language and therefore, feel excluded from the community. Apart from influencing your mental health and self-esteem, not being able to find a job might also affect your relationship with your spouse and family. In the case in which you are a highly skilled professional, not being able to make use of your capabilities will trigger feelings of disappointment and underachievement. One of the advantages of living in the Netherlands, especially as a member of the Union European, is that you are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Dutch government. The most important benefit for you, is that the government will then support you if you decide to open a Dutch company. Apart from offering you financial assistance to open the Dutch company, it will also provide you personal financial support to ensure you are able to survive until you start gaining your own income. However, you will still need to find out by yourself what are the exact steps to open a Dutch company. provides you with general information, but also business expert advice. Now, you might ask yourself, ‘why should I chose Intercompany Solutions to open a Dutch company?’. Here are the reasons this is the best choice you’ve got.

Intercompany Solutions will open a Dutch company for you

Intercompany Solutions is highly experienced in more than 500 BV company formations. This means that the firm will open a Dutch company for you, ensuring the highest degree of professionalism and efficiency. Clients who choose Intercompany Solutions benefit from:

  • Free initial consultation and a maximum of one day response time
  • The documentation is in English and Dutch
  • Upon request, accounting and immigration services may be provided
  • To open a Dutch company will normally take three days, however, it is possible to open a Dutch company in one day as well
  • You do not have to be physically present in the Netherlands to open a Dutch company

Work for yourself

Owning your own company will not only make you feel more secure of your own value and contribution to society, but it will also give you a sense of being an important presence in your community. You will be able to make use of your knowledge, expertise and skills, while experiencing the endless possibilities for new entrepreneurs. Being your own boss means you will not be required to have knowledge of the Dutch language, nor be turned down from a job that suits exactly because you don’t speak the language. In this sense, learning the language will be a task which you will voluntarily take upon yourself. You will realize that your relationship with your spouse will not be pressured anymore and you will now feel a more active, valuable and worthy individual. Before you know it, you will also speak the language and fully accommodate in the new cultural environment.