The best Ptfe conveyor belt for the carpet industry

I have been working in the carpet industry for many years now and it has been quiet a while since I started working as a lead of the department that takes care of anything that happens around the packaging process. Here we use a Ptfe conveyor belt to make this process go as fast as possible. When you work in the carpet industry it is important that everything happens in the right order and the Ptfe conveyor belt helps us do just that. A few months ago my employees made me aware of the fact that the conveyor belt we had at that time was not functioning as properly anymore. It kept on malfunctioning and delaying our fabrication process. That was of course not what we wanted and so, I went looking for a company that could help us either fix the problem or get a new conveyor belt. This is how I ended up on the website of the company Hardick. They are based in The Netherlands and produce among others:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Welding equipment
  • Shrinking tubes

I thought it would be a lot cheaper to get the old conveyor belt fixed, but it turned out that this would be really expensive. That is why we turned to Hardick to get a new Ptfe conveyor belt made. On the website you can find a lot of information about this and I started by reading this all. Than I talked to my colleagues about it. If we were going to order a new Ptfe conveyor belt we would make sure that it would meet all our wishes.

Our demands for the Ptfe conveyor belt

Since we had been working with conveyor belts for many years you would say that it would be easy to order a new one. But we wanted to order a new Ptfe conveyor belt that was even better than the old one that we had. For that we needed to get some excellent advise on the matter. This is why I contacted the employees at Hardick. This is very easy to do through the website. You will find a form in that you can both use for placing a direct order or to ask for more advice. I wanted to know what they could do for us and what would be the best choice in the Ptfe conveyor belt department that we could go for. It is very important that it would meet all our demands and of course, that it was suited for the carpet industry and the things that we make in our company. During our first conversation it became very clear that they knew exactly what they were talking about.

Getting what we needed

It is always hard to order a new product for the company. Especially something like a Ptfe conveyor belt that we really need every single day. If we do not have this, there is no way we can do our work. And that is not what we want. Working in the carpet industry is amazing, but you need reliable products that you work with. By now we have discovered that at Hardick this is what they deliver. We have been working with the Ptfe conveyor belt for a few weeks now and it is better than we had even expected. This is why we would recommend this company to everyone who needs these type of products. This is where you get the quality for the best price. We are happy with it.