Setting up a company in the Netherlands

Do you have the idea to start a business in a European country? Then setting up a company in the Netherlands might be a very good option for you. Having a company in the Netherlands comes with some nice benefits, which you may not have if you start up your business in another country. Of course, setting up a company in the Netherlands requires work, and for this, you might want to get help. Intercompany Solutions can offer you this. They will be helping you with setting up bank accounts, provide you with advice or answers to any questions you have. They will do anything to help you start up your company in the Netherlands and make it a success!

Why setting up a company in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, independent companies represent the core of their economy, which is that there are various owners of small/medium businesses. Often these types of businesses opt for opening a company in the Netherlands, they are easy to open here as well. In the Netherlands, the economic contribution of entrepreneurs is valued and business owners are supported. They offer various favorable conditions, especially for smaller companies.

Setting up a company in the Netherlands as a foreigner

The Netherlands is open to entrepreneurs coming from all over the world and its wellbeing depends partly on the international business. One of the nice things about starting up a company there is the fact that you are not obligated to visit the country in order to do this. In fact, the procedure to start up a Dutch business is quite simple, especially with some extra help. The only thing you have to do is complete a short checklist. You then have to send Intercompany Solutions a copy of your personal identification document and evidence of your permanent address. They will take care of all the other details so you don’t have to worry about this. They offer services such as obtaining value-added tax numbers, accounting services, and taxation services. 

So, setting up a company in the Netherlands can be beneficial to you as a foreigner. With some help, this whole process will go smoothly and quickly. That’s why taking a look at Intercompany Solutions will do you a lot of good. So, don’t be shy to do exactly that and enjoy the benefits of setting up a company in the Netherlands!