The industrial USB 2 camera

Are you looking for a new camera which can take precise measurements? GeT Cameras has them available for you. They offer the choice for a USB 2 camera, but also for a USB 3 camera. GeT Cameras offers USB 2 camera’s for industrial, professional and pharmaceutical applications, and they offer them for an affordable price. GeT Cameras is a machine vision camera distributor of Daheng Imaging, the largest machine vision camera manufacturer in China. With their excellent support, affordable prices and 3 year warranty a good service is guaranteed.

About the industrial USB 2 camera

Nowadays industrial cameras can be found in a lot of fields of work, especially in monitoring and in a range of complicated measurement tasks. Digital cameras are in general more robust than the digital cameras most people are used to take action snapshots with. An industrial camera must be capable of handling a wide set of external influences, like applications in areas with high ambient temperatures. They have a high image quality as well, they have to because that’s what’s required for specialized measurement tasks. Industrial cameras are connected to a computer using an interface and can be triggered using an I/O cable.

A USB 2 camera in particular has some nice features:

  • The cables for a USB 2 camera are cheap in general and have a maximum cable length of 4,5 meters
  • Most of the computers, if not all, have a USB 2.0 port and you also don’t need a frame grabber
  • The data communication and power supply for the USB 2 camera are both being supplied by the same USB 2.0 cable
  • The camera has a bandwidth of 40 megabytes per second, which means a 13 Megapixel camera can capture at maximum 25 images per second
  • This type of camera is available with a version with a digital I/O and without a digital I/O
  • For this industrial camera it’s easy to integrate all image processing applications

The difference between an industrial USB 2 camera and a webcam

A webcam, or known as a consumer USB camera, is meant to make images which are optimized specially for the human eye, making them often be compressed. Due to being compressed, data is missing in these images, unimportant for the human eye maybe, but for measurements it’s not ideal at all. A precise measurement with a webcam with an image processing program is not possible. The industrial USB 2 cameras from GeT Cameras provide RAW image information to the computer, with all the data still there. These RAW images are ideal for image processing. With those industrial cameras it is also possible to determine the exact moment of capturing an image down to mere microseconds. This is not possible with webcams. Another difference is that the Daheng Imaging models of the industrial USB cameras are available for at least 7 years, while some webcam models aren’t available anymore after only 6 months. This makes the Daheng Imaging industrial USB 2 camera more profitable and efficient to use. 

So, are you looking for a new camera to take precise measurements with? Then a Daheng Imaging industrial USB 2 camera is the perfect camera for you. Take a quick look and get you brand new industrial camera at GeT Cameras!